Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Spinning Covid Narratives

No question that the covid narratives are spinning out of control. Buckle up. Revelations are going to come out. 100% certainty. 

I've been asking this question all along, at least since April of 2020 when it became clear that covid wasn't deadly and the fear-mongering didn't have a basis in reality. Then the question becomes, why are they fear mongering? And the obvious answer then was Trump. They wanted Trump out. Almost everybody who was red-pilled about covid believed that, at least the people I spoke to. I remember talking to my eye doctor about it and that was his opinion, that things would get back to normal after the elections in November of 2020. 

But, they haven't, and we are staring at renewed mask mandates and more. The covid narrative has not abated, but the fact that it isn't deadly has not changed. So what gives? Lindsays gives three potential reasons:
  1. Conclusion accepted ahead of the evidence. This is highly likely, I think. Something about the so-called vaccines is going to come out, and you can bet the farm on that. Could be something as mild as they just don't work. Could be something far worse. 
  2. Conspiracy to use it for various purposes. I've always leaned into this one, but I just don't know what the other purposes would be and it troubles me a bit because quickly you end up with a mustache-twirling villain scenario in which governments want to poz the kids and force a social credit score and I don't want to believe that. 
  3. Cover-up of something bad or much worse. Plausible. What could it be? Economic in nature? China?

Whatever it is, we are on a runaway train for sure. People 100 years in the future are going to look back on this era as one of the most retarded in human history . . . because it is. No leaders. Corruption. Loads of people deserving of public hanging. The scope of it is to me mind boggling. 

Could the explanation just be straight up evolutionary biology? As in, when you push a shot that targets a specific protein what you end up doing is putting evolutionary pressure on that one feature, meaning that you are pressuring the virus variants that don't have that protein to dominate. These vaccines, then, could end up being the most retarded thing humans have ever done; in effect, we pressured the virus to better evolve to hurt us when what we should have done all along is fuck-all nothing. The winners are big pharma, though, which is probably why you're not taking a $1 weekly dose of Ivermectin as a prophylactic.  

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Sweet Vidalia

When I was a kid my dad scored a huge sack of Vidalia onions and to preserve them over the coming months he'd heard panty hose was the key, so we knotted them up one after another in panty hose and hung them in a hall closet. They weren't as readily available back then in the early 1980s, so Dad getting a sack of them was indeed a score, and from there he was chopping onions and putting them in everything from tuna salad to salmon croquettes. 

Something about my family on my dad's side, the Wester's, that I've come to understand since my grandmother died is how our love of good food is pretty uncommon. Now, most people like stuff that tastes good, don't get me wrong, but I would say that most people aren't concerned about good food if McDonald's counts as good. In our family, Mama Ione, our beloved matriarch, my grandmother, did trial and error on every recipe she ever tried until she perfected it and could cook it blindfolded. The effect of that was Sunday lunch at her house was dish after dish of perfection, from her fried okra to her creamed corn to her dinner rolls. She thought about every ingredient and every proportion and it was serious business. Her food was how she expressed her love, you see. And we just showed up and ate her cooking by the plateful and took it for granted that this was how people ate. 

I remember looking up Vidalia in the Funk & Wagnall's encyclopedia set that dad had purchased one volume at a time until he'd pieced together the entire thing. What is it about maps? I think about that sometimes, how staring at Tolkein's Lord of the Rings maps fires up the imagination in its own particular way, how I used to stare at a map of Neverland and daydream about the beautiful mermaids, and I remember staring at Middle Georgia and having those kinds of imaginings. The land of the magical sweet onions. 

When I moved here, visiting Vidalia, the sweet onion city, was among the first things I did, and buying a sack of onions from a farmer at his onion stand was a profound accomplishment:

They are just sweet onions. Yes, they are sweet. They lack the bite that can make one cry when cutting them. Since they are so mild and sweet, a cook might feel freer to throw them around much more liberally than regular onions. Any dish cooked with vidalias is more special than it would be otherwise.

Vidalia Sweet Onions are lore and unique Southern-ness, a reason to nickname a city and throw a festival. They are something to protect by law. They're one of the little things that makes life bearable to the degree that it ever is. Vidalias can only happen here on this chuck of much mythologized land in the middle of the great state of Georgia. 

Monday, July 26, 2021

What is Wokeness?

Put succinctly, wokeness is popular critical theory.  Critical theories are tools that were cooked up in English departments as a means to do critical readings of texts. For example, let's take so-called queer theory. Imagine queer theory is a set of rainbow-tinted glasses, and when one puts them on, he or she can see all the hidden gay stuff in a book. It works on any book. Why was Sal Paradise friends with Dean Moriarty? When wearing queer theory glasses, two guys or two gals can no longer just be friends. There's always a gay subtext at play. 

This is all well and good when it is confined to an academic context such as the close reading of texts in a graduate course studying the novels written by Louise Erdrich. It is another matter entirely when these critical theories escape from the lab and untrained people apply them to the problems of everyday life. 

In education departments at the university, students (future teachers) get loads and loads of exposure to materials about how people are oppressed by the structures of American society. They get Paolo Freire, a Brazilian Marxist education theorist whose Pedagogy of the Oppressed is required reading in most education departments. Freire claims that students are oppressed within a system that wants to turn people into particular kinds of capitalist zombies. The system wants people to stay oppressed and it wants their oppression to be invisible to them. Freire argues that education ought to make these oppressions visible to students so that they can overthrow them, thus the goal of a true education is liberation. We call this liberatory education.

They also get a healthy dose of intersectionality, which is actually pretty useful as a way of thinking about things. Intersectional analysis would be able to account for the myriad ways a person is fucked within the system. If one doesn't speak English, for instance, he or she is going to have a harder time than a native speaker. If one is one-legged, life is going to be more challenging than if he or she has two. Trannies, who are confused about gender, are going to have a harder time than someone who is certain about gender. And so forth. So, if a teacher wants to do his best for his students, he's got to do his best to account for one-leggedness, trangenderism, and so forth. That's the idea. Fastidious educators have to account for a tremendous and ever-expanding list of oppressions.  

If one looks at things from the perspective of the doe-eyed and naive education student who wants to save the world, it is easy to see how seductive this stuff can be. For one, the teacher's role is gargantuan in its importance. I mean, the teacher's job is to free students and teach them to overthrow their oppressors. That's important shit! Secondly, at the core of the pedagogical enterprise is to be a helper and make sure everyone is getting what he or she needs. It is very feminine and nurturing. All of us teachers want to do good, never ill, for our students. We want them to exit our courses better than when they entered, improved in some way. And fuck if we can liberate them, let's do that. 

As an aside here, I can say for myself that it is this very idea that a professor or a teacher can spend 16 weeks with a group of students and even presume to liberate them from anything is laughable to me now in the middle of my career. My god, for today's students looking up from a cell phone for an hour is often the best one can hope for, much less liberation. If I can get the majority to recognize and eliminate the comma splice, I've accomplished a lot, so forget about liberating them and just try to teach them something useful. 

But nevertheless, people ought to understand that critical pedagogy is the entirety of an education in education and it has been for at least the past 20 years. No one has opposed it. It is the only game in town. So, this stuff is well established. Liberatory education is a resounding success and it is now bearing its fruit, and that is what has made people take note and begin to articulate a popular opposition to it. All these liberated students are applying critical race theory to their real-world problems and so now everything is racist and white people are to blame. Education departments churn out cultural liberators by the thousands every single year. The virus has escaped from the lab. In the wild, we call it wokeness

And because it has escaped into the wild, and we can now see what it does to people; we can now see that liberatory education does not work. It turns out some really jacked up Frankensteins and weirdos, some real anti-social monsters, and that's kind of the bigger point I want to make. This stuff doesn't yield so-called liberation from anything. All one has to do is take a look at the kind of people it produces to see that it doesn't work to produce a liberated person, whatever that is. These people fall right into line as good hedonistic consumers who buy the mainstream corporate narratives hook, line and sinker. 

This is what is happening with critical race theory. Everything is racist when one is wearing his special CRT sunglasses. Blacks do poorly on achievement tests because achievement tests are racist. Blacks don't play quarterback as much as they play linebacker because the quarterback position is racist. ETC. When a black gets pulled over for speeding it isn't because he or she was speeding but because the cop was a racist. Everything is racist and that's the only explanation. I mean that quite literally: If you apply a CRT lens everything is racist by definition. That's how these critical theories actually work. 

Woketards boil it all down to race to a lesser degree sex and then seek to discriminate against whites, and ONLY WHITES. That is stupid because the vast majority of whites are working class and are therefore oppressed by the system to varying degrees. It is especially double-stupid because if the whites go down, most everybody else goes down with them, but especially the blacks, who are subsidized by white taxpayers more than any other group. Woketards never mention this and seemingly  have no understanding about it whatsoever. Woketards call white people "karens" and "colonizers" without any serious thought about the actual economics and policies at play. 

The vast majority of people work for a living regardless of race or sexual proclivity. Most people are one serious illness away from financial ruin because of a for-profit insurance-based health care system. Year in, year out, this is the case, and the last serious attempt to do something about it under President Obama, ostensibly a leftist, was a tremendous expansion of the insurance industry. Woketards never mention this, or if they do mention it, they are in favor of it, thus they've become the useful idiots. More likely, you'll find woketards on social media bitching about "cultural appropriation" and "microaggressions" and staffing human resources departments and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion departments that force people to take diversity training at work, none of which target the actual problem of economic oppression. Woketards think Coca-Cola is great because it changes its logo during June to a rainbow flag and completely ignores that no other company in the history of the world has generated more diabetes. Dante had to add a special ring in Hell to accommodate them. 

The health care system is structured to generate profits from human suffering. Certainly, it is not designed to heal or to cure. Covid made this overwhelmingly, sickeningly obvious to anyone who cares to look. Wokists will look at negative outcomes for blacks and claim the health care system is racist, which completely obscures the fact that it is a for-profit insurance-based system that fucks over everybody. If you make it fuck over everybody less, that helps. If you make doctors take diversity training, you've done less than nothing and most likely made it worse. 

Groups of People: 

1. People like me can see this and will tell you about it.  We can see the writing on the wall, that wokeness is going to make things much worse. Apparently, we are information elites and rare. We are working-class people who understand the system is rigged against us. We understand a cloth mask cannot possibly filter a virus out of the air because the virus is so much smaller than the cloth medium. We are forced to live in a world in which most people do not understand how small a virus actually is, and most people trust governmental authority. We are precisely the people who see that no one actually talking about the real problems. 

2. Then there's woke people who function as useful idiots for the ruling elites.  These people ignore economics and attack whites, only ever whites, with racial attacks. I especially despise woketards because they believe that people who don't share their woketarded worldviews ought not be able to work for a living, so they actively seek to cancel their fellow working-class men and women and get them fired from their jobs. They are as mean-spirited as people come. They took all of this up in school and they're too stupid to overthrow their indoctrination. I used to really get irritated with conservative Christians always bitching about evolution: Muh daddy weren't no monkey! Bring them back! You could talk to them. You cannot even talk to wokists because of their strong-arm social tactics. All you can do is do your best to avoid them. 

3. Then there's people who are truly retarded who say things like socialized medicine is bad. I love my insurance and I will gladly squirt the KY on my orifices to better facilitate the economic rape. These are the stupid "conservatives." They go to church on Sundays and they love everybody in some sense. They cult-worshipped Donald Trump because he didn't push for pozzing kids like everybody else and we live in a world in which not pushing for pozzing kids is just as good as opposing pozzing kids. They missed that Donald Trump was always a compromise and that they had already lost everything. Most still don't understand this. 

Alarming: This new Newsweek poll reports that a full third of the voting public consider themselves woke. Fuck me! I bet you dollars to donuts another third hate socialism, so put them together and you've got approximately 70% of people who are fucktards and cannot see the actual root cause of their problems, cannot see that for-profit healthcare is organized financial rape. 

For me, I'd really like it if I had access to good health care that didn't enrich third parties. I'd really like my children to get a quality education that involved zero pozzing. I'd really like job security in exchange for my hard work and professionalism on the job. That's about it. 

A full 33% of people want some kind of nebulous racial/sexual preferential treatment for blacks and homosexuals and discrimination against straight whites. They want white people dead, apparently. They want their capitalist goods to have rainbows on them. Etc. Another 33% has zero issues with Israel getting billions of taxpayer money, with the military getting zillions year-in-year-out but regular citizens getting some tax relief is socialism and therefore bad. 

I've written already about how wokism is ascendant, and I promise you we have not hit bottom yet. 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Revisiting Mayonnaise

When it comes to mayonnaise, I have an unbreakable tie for the #1 spot in my rankings, Duke's and Bama. I adore them both in equal measure. Duke's has no sweetness, while Bama has a pronounced sweet note, so I have to point out that they are very different formulations, that their tie for #1 is not due to closeness but to distinctiveness and richness. Say, you take all of the commercially-available mayonnaise brands you can find at your closest supermarket. You'll find Bama, Duke's, Kraft, Hellman's Sauer's, maybe Heinz, maybe Blue Plate out of New Orleans, and one or two store brands. If you line up all of them, slap a blindfold over my eyes and hand me a teaspoon, I will pick out Bama and Duke's from this lineup. Easily. 

This summer, I've had tomato sandwiches with Duke's, Bama, and Blue Plate. And Blue Plate is a perfectly serviceable concoction, so I'm not knocking it.  I'm just saying that a Bama-slathered tomato sandwich approaches something akin to spirituality whereas the Blue Plate-slathered sandwich is merely enjoyable. 

Bama's ingredients are as follows: Soybean oil, eggs, water, distilled and cider vinegar, sugar, salt, onion flavoring, natural flavoring, oleresin paprika, lemon oil. 

The first four ingredients are exactly the same in both Bama and Dukes, so the Bama magic happens with the addition of their own secret "natural flavoring", onion flavoring and sugar and lemon oil. I really like the idea of the lemon oil pushing it over the edge into something special, and it is. 

Duke's ingredients are as follows: Soybean oil, eggs, water, distilled and cider vinegar, salt, oleoresin paprika, natural flavors, calcium disodium. 

I'm always curious what the "natural flavors" are in a secret recipe like that because they make it hard to speak to what makes Duke's so special. People talk about it's "tang" and I can get on board with that for sure. It has no sweetness as all. It's a creamy tangy richness and it stands alone in its perfection. 

When you get the idea that a touch of sweetness in your mayonnaise is what you need to bring out the notes and counterbalance that smoked turkey sandwich, pick Bama. When, on the other hand, you're mixing up a pimento cheese and you want to exert control over the sweetness ratio as I am prone to do, use Duke's and a nice coleslaw dressing. It just depends on what you need. 

I can't say a negative word about either of these gems. But I highly recommend the tomato sandwich test. Get your hands on a good tomato, some white bread, and make two tomato sandwiches, one slathered with Bama and one slathered with Dukes, and you be the judge and maybe help me break my tie for the #1 slot because I'm cobbed. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Vaccine Deaths Challenge

I propose a challenge, and it is quite straightforward: Find out how many people have died from the covid vaccines. 

That's it. Find that figure. I see no reason in the world why that figure shouldn't be up-to-date and accurate and easy to find. 

After all, if you google "covid deaths" you straight-up get a ticker that is up-to-the-second:

The data is right there, easy to find, easy to read. No problem. 

If, however, you google "covid vaccine deaths" you get a very different result:
You'll notice, right away, the tone shifts from an informational here-are-the-numbers to a "fact check" tone, and certainly, you can't find the actual number anywhere. Click all of the links on the first page, and they "fact check" but provide no number. The best number I can come up with is from the CDC itself that reports approximately 13,000 vaccine-related deaths. 

So, all I am asking here is why is the covid deaths number so easy to find and precise, while the vaccine deaths is muddied and hard-to-find and imprecise? Why should this be the case? We are really good at counting deaths from one thing but not the other thing? What's the explanation? 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Motte & Bailey

Once you get a good handle on the form of the motte and bailey argument, you see it everywhere on the activist left, and it is a particularly below-the-belt form of argument and quite fallacious, but it is effective in the left's focus on social maneuvering instead of rational discourse. 

The bailey is the radical position the left wants to enact. The motte is the loosely related but more sane position to which the left retreats when the bailey position is attacked. 

Bailey position: All students must be indoctrinated in critical race theory. 

When this position is attacked: Critical race theory teaches students never-ending racial grievance. Critical race theory is un-falsifiable. Critical race theory makes blacks into permavictims and whites into permavictors, etc. 

They retreat to the motte position: Hey we just want students taught about slavery and segregation in history class. 

Bailey position: Kids need an in-depth grooming regimen in the ways of sexual kink and sodomy at drag queen story hour. 

Motte position: Hey we just want kids to be taught about tolerance and love.

Bailey position: We want to seize the means of production and execute all who oppose us.  

Motte position: We want a living wage for the working man and woman. 

Every single time the left is able to re-enter the bailey, though, they are able to expand it even if just by and increment. 

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Favorite Things: Royal Oak Charcoal


When I get in the mood to burn my money, I exchange it for Royal Oak charcoal. Royal Oak imparts the charcoal-grilled flavor better than any other charcoal that I have used, including Kingsford. Often I'll cheap out with the store brand and I always regret it because the flavor won't be there, but I never buy Kingsford because it is always the most expensive brand, and it never performs as well as Royal Oak, which is usually slightly cheaper than Kingsford. Royal Oak lights easily and provides the best and most pronounced charcoal flavor to burgers, dogs, pork, chicken, whatever you throw at it.  If you don't much care for that charcoal flavor, (why are you using a charcoal grill? LOL.) go with the store brand or Kingsford.

Spinning Covid Narratives