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Christianity Makes Parenting Easier

Yesterday, I put something together, and it hit me hard:  Christianity makes parenting easier.  When it comes to raising my children, I have some simple goals, namely, I want them to grow up to be happy, healthy, and smart adults.  Notice, I use no religious language in that equation.  Notice I didn’t write that I want my children to gr [...]

On Why People Dislike Atheists

Back in 2005, I moved to South Carolina and had to get new license plates.  At the DMV, I did all the paperwork and the plates were set to arrive in the mail.  Days later, when they arrived in the mailbox, I was chagrined to find this: Instead of this: Either was the standard state-issued plates, so loathe to display the God one, immediately [...]

How Does Belief Survive Adulthood?

At the beginning of our recent vacation, my oldest daughter, seven years old, asked me, “Dad, are we Christians?” “No.” “Why not?” “Because Christianity is false.” “What are we, then?” “We are the Westers.  We believe in reality.” And this opened up a productive dialogue [...]

We Deserve Extinction

I’m often struck by the ways things seem to be on this planet; I call it the Twilight Zone effect.  I often roll out of bed and feel caught in the Twilight Zone.  Up is down.  Left is right.  I understand how things ought to be, and I understand how things really are, and the discrepancy is wide. Here’s a fact for you:  There is e [...]

Why Are Christian Movies So Awful?

Recently, a couple of my former students took the time to send me an email urging me to see the newest Christian movie God’s Not Dead, the plot of which has a cross-wearing college frosh, played by Shane Harper, going up against his Kevin Sorbo-played atheist philosophy professor. So, right off the bat we seem to be dealing with some we [...]

“Faith is Pretending to Know Th...

Christian apologist William Craig Lane disagrees with a view of faith argued for by Peter Boghossian, that “faith is pretending to know things you don’t know.”  Boghossian talks about epistemology, or theories of knowing, and argues that religious people, in this case Christians, are Christians because they haven’t put [...]

UPDATE: Deandre Poole Offered New Con...

Deandre Poole was reinstated, offered a new contract.  He will teach his classes online until he no longer feels threatened.   Kudos to the faculty and the university’s administration for doing right by Poole, and for supporting academic freedom.  I wrote about Poole here and here. Inside Higher Ed has the full story. In a nutshell:  Po [...]

New Column

Do we really want to ‘conserve’ Mississippi’s status? Read more: Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal – JASON M WESTER Do we really want to conserve Mississippi s status

Man of Stool Steel Reconsidere...

On the drive to the theater to see Man of Steel, my six-year-old, who has watched all of the 1990s series The Justice League, all of the wonderful Superman: The Animated Series, and of course Donner’s beloved 1978 Superman: The Movie, was excited to see the latest iteration of Superman on the big screen. On the way, we listened to John [...]

People Don’t Understand College

The conservative smear machine is at it again. We college teachers are out to . . . gasp . . . teach students our disciplines. Not long ago I wrote about Deandre Poole, a professor at Florida Atlantic University who was slimed by the conservative blogosphere for asking his students to do a textbook assignment that had them to write the word J [...]