Saturday, April 24, 2021

Covid Lesson #1 - Poltroonery

Far and away the #1 lesson taught by the Covid is that our leaders are cowards. Abject titty-sucking mealy-mouthed cowards. My opinion of the general populace is pretty low, too, as most of them are cowards, but I already knew that pre-covid. What I didn't expect, what surprised me, is that not one person in a leadership position in the entire fucking country has anything resembling testicles. 

This is important to know because you know not to rely on leadership to actually lead. Buddy, you are on your own, and you better believe it. 

I'd be a great leader for shit like this. Yes, me. Because generally I despise people and I don't care about sucking up to them. I despise company men (and company women). That's why I'm not in a leadership position, and that's why I never will be.

That's a shame because I would have told you from the very beginning that masks were retarded.  Are you really telling me that we're pretending masks can filter viruses now? Go choke yourself. Six feet? Did you pull that right out of your ass? Why don't you dig a hole six-foot deep and buy yourself in it? Fucktard. 

Minneapolis is over. 

If you want your heart broken, read this account of leaving a dying Minneapolis. Read it understanding that we are living in a new paradigm now, that everything is Woke now, and Minneapolis is over. It will never recover from the wrongful conviction of Derek Chauvin. Minneapolis is going to pay for it. From the article: 
I can’t help but look around and wonder, “What happened here? Where exactly did it all go wrong?” Was it the liberal mob? Identity politics? The cries of “RACIST!” when someone disagreed with a particular reaction or policy? Was it conservative silence as the loudest voices got more and more radical? Was it our acceptance that “we live in a blue area, this is just the way things are?” How did it all happen so fast? Whatever it was, I’m leaving this dark, surreal, twisted version of Minneapolis on Friday. And I pray to God that I never have to come back.

How, indeed, did it all happen so fast? Wokism and Cowardice. Wokism had a foundation laid, or in this case, powderkegs placed, and all it took was a struck match and cowardly leaders unwilling to put out the fires. 

Right now in Minneapolis there's an autonomous zone off limits to the cops. Only one thing can be done about it, too. One simple answer. A no-brainer. Clear it out. Shoot anyone who stands in the way.  Sweep it out. The mayor, Jacob Frey, is too cowardly to do what must be done, and so his city is over. 

Minneapolis will not recover. It is the first city to fall to Wokism. It will not be the last. 

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