Friday, April 30, 2021

Knee-Jerk Conservatives

All across the country in the red states legislatures are outlawing transgender treatments for kids, and while on one hand I completely understand where they are coming from with the desire to protect kids from this abject weirdness and experimentation, we are talking about political opponents with a vile strain of mutant DNA voluntarily removing that mutant DNA from the gene pool forever. At least, in many cases, that seems to be the outcome of these treatments. Put simply, radical leftists are voluntarily sterilizing their own children.  


You can't make this shit up, but if they're willingly doing it, why in God's holy name would a conservative oppose it? Stuff yourself full of hormones and puberty blockers, you freaks. It has no impact on me, and it literally removes your line from human evolution forever. Why would anyone oppose this? This is an auto-fix. 

I mean and furthermore, why would they care if a natural-born male wants to compete against natural-born females in sports ball? That would make women's sports about 100% more interesting. Take those athletes, add some jugglers, maybe an elephant or two, and baby, you've got a circus going. 

People need to chill and let the transgenders live their best lives. All the more power to it. 

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