Monday, April 19, 2021

Outdoor Mask Mandates? WTF?

 Just read two articles, on on the discredited Atlantic, the other on the discredited Slate, both about how "it is okay that we start talking about the end of mask mandates."

Leftists. LOL. They're always saying things are "literal" and they are "literally not okay". and so forth. Things are either okay or not okay. They talk like fucking children. Point to the place on the dolly where the bad virus poked you.

I've suffered through this biblical pandemic in Georgia, which never had a mask "mandate" at all. (I still don't know what the fuck a mandate actually is, and I refuse to look it up. But I know it must not be a law.) I've had to wear the fucking thing at work, but I wear it to my office, and it comes off. I wear it to the classroom, but them I can sit up there behind a plexiglass shield so I'm fucking safe up there. LOL. Other than that, I don't wear them at all. As in, ever. I walk out of businesses that have insisted I wear them. I'm not going to wear a mask and play pretend games with you retards. LOL. Cloth masks can't filter viruses out of the air because that would require them to be magical, you dumb fucks. LOL.

Anyway, they are making the argument that maybe, just maybe, it is now okay for us to start talking about ending the mask mandates that apply to the outdoors. Certainly not the indoors. Heaven forbid. But maybe, just maybe, we can start not wearing them outside. 

And they are getting backlash . . . from other leftists. 

Personally, as in, to me as an individual person, I think all leftists need to go the other way. They ought to wear 16 masks, or however many it takes to actually suffocate. 


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