Monday, April 19, 2021

What Happened to the American Left?

Remember when freedom of speech used to be a cherished value of the American left? I do. The argument is that you want bad arguments out in the open where you can reason through them and publicly defeat them. No longer. In the past 5 years the wisdom on the left is censorship and so-called "de-platforming" of bad arguments. Drive them underground where they look like an establishment is repressing them. Make them look punk-rock. 

Remember Godwin's law? The longer an online argument goes on, the likelihood of someone calling someone a Nazi approaches 1. We used to consider he or she who broke Godwin's law the automatic loser of the argument because it meant you no longer had an argument if you resorted to such an explicit ad hominem attack. Today, leftists LEAD with calling you a nazi. 

Q: How can you tell a Nazi?

A: They are the people who aren't wearing two masks.

The left completely abandoned argumentation in favor of social engineering. The left doesn't make arguments anymore. It trying to cancel you, get you fired from your work, ostracized in your own neighborhood, and in some cases it pushes people to suicide. 

To sane normal people, it looks like the bully. It looks like the fascist. It looks unhinged. It certainly doesn't look like it is fighting for the working man and woman. It can't even tell you what those two things are anymore. The traditional definition of woman, an adult human female, is now considered hate speech. The left wants to rigorously police the language so that no one is allowed to celebrate mother's day, but instead birthing person's day. This is the absolute state of things. 

So congratulations, leftists. You've made the right wing look punk rock and oppressed and dare-I-say reasonable by comparison. 

The left is group-think lock-step coerced agreement. They all just fall in line. Do you believe this is really happening? Whatever happened to culture jamming and distrust of the institutional narratives? Gone.

Leftists must agree to the following positions that were, about five-years ago, thoroughly nonsensical. Off the top of my head:

  • Covid is worse than anything, including heart disease and cancer and automobile accidents. 
  • Masks somehow filter out viruses from the air. Put on a mask, bigot.
  • Long-term trials are unnecessary to verify the safeness of a vaccine. Just take the shot, Nazi.
  • George Floyd is a literal Saint on par with Mahatma Gandhi. 
  • Black people bear no responsibility for their behavior.  
  • Police are racists and must be eliminated.
  • All one has to do to change sex is to declare it to be so. Once this declaration is made, everyone must, by law, be made to agree. If you don't, you're a literal Nazi. 
  • Free speech is problematic. "hate speech" must be restricted. 

They're doing the thing Harold Marcuse wrote about, repressive tolerance, I believe. Basically, tolerance is horseshit because you end up tolerating speech you don't like. Basically, you have to start behaving like the Nazis you despise, thus becoming the agents of oppression.

This really sucks because American needs a reasonable left because without it the backlash is going to be off the charts. The left is making Neo-Nazis look cool. A punk rock American right ought to scare the pants off you. 

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