Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mike Adams 1964-2020

When you hear about someone famous getting cancelled, like JK Rowling, understand that the mob's goal is suicide. Suicide is the subtext. They know that she has enough money to withstand cancellation. They want Rowling to kill herself. 

Examples abound. One that leaps to mind is how wokist programmers are trying really hard to push Richard Stallman to suicide. It was Richard Meyer, a comic book review guy on youtube, who I first heard make the case. At the time I though he was using hyperbole. I was wrong and I wasn't reading between the lines. Meyer was talking about it from experience. He was talking about how the cancellation process made him feel. It made him feel suicidal. The woke mob wants its target to kill himself or herself. That's the big golden prize. Of course, they aren't going to be all that successful at it, so when they are, it is something worth noticing. 

Combine the woke cybermob's social tactics with the poltroonery, or spineless leadership, of our institutions . . . and you end up with Mike Adams, who killed himself last July. He was a perennial cybermob target, and at 55 years old, he had at least ten more solid teaching years. He opted out when his University, UNC-Wilmington, forced him into retirement rather than simply tell the mob to fuck off. I imagine it was the last indignity he could bear after enduring years and years of them. The administration at his University could have simply told the mob to fuck off. Why didn't they? 

Well, because the administration was full of cowards, because people in leadership roles get promoted based on their ability to fit in and go along, and because the University itself had bit-by-bit been converged by wokeness. When Adams started his teaching there, it was probably a pretty nice place. The people had a leftist bent, sure, but in academia it has always been that way, and it was benign. I remember a professor who used to extol the virtues of using only organic half-and-half in coffee to save the cows on the factory farm. All right, you kooky old fuck, I've got 1000 items vying for my attention and you want me to give a fuck about cows, but okay. 

But the Earth shifted under Mike Adams' very feet. The academy he once knew, that valued freedom of expression, academic freedom, Socratic questioning, fearless truth-seeking, had, as if over night, become something different, something unrecognizable. Automatically, straight white males found themselves behind the 8-ball. Add to that Christian and conservative and outspoken and you are fucked. Mike Adams found all of his characteristics to be anathema. You better keep your head down and be a good "ally". Expression can only come in the form of the narrowest Wokist orthodoxy (black people always good; trans people very good indeed; gay people triple good; women always right, etc.) and anything outside of that, well, Adams was on his own, something UNC-Wilmington made clear time and time again.  

I, myself, find my own discipline of composition studies almost completely unrecognizable from when I graduated with my Ph.D. in 2012. I call it the activist turn in composition studies. No one is doing scholarship anymore, just activism. No one is sounding the alarm for fear of being cancelled. Woke papers are published, but anything non-woke that comes to the wrong conclusions? Forget about it. 

Mike Adams was a conservative Christian in a sea of leftists who are scared to speak one word against the Wokist company line. I ran across Adams precisely because he was someone to look up to here, that he spoke his mind in a climate of wokist censorship. Tenured professors ought to be speaking out the loudest, and yet they are the most cowardly, and certainly the most woke.  They all just fall in line. It doesn't make any sense until you realize that no one in leadership has a spine. The instant the mob comes they turn you over. 

Why are our leaders such awful cowards? 

I've asked myself this question zillions of times. It is a cybermob. Quite literally, it is a faceless cybermob that goes away if you walk away from the computer. It isn't even outside your door threatening to burn shit down. Turn off the computer and it goes away. So, why the hell don't they just stand up to the mob? It would take nothing, and I mean nothing. Simply tell the mob to fuck off, and that is it. They have no more power than that. Turn off computer. Put the cell phone down. So, why doesn't anyone in leadership actually do that? No one ever does. 


If I was the president of a university, I cannot imagine folding like this. I mean it. I am certain I would tell the woke mob to fuck off. And if worst came to worst, I'd take my six-figure severance and purchase an RV. 

So, what am I missing? On this question, I would very much like to hear from people in high-up administration, deans and provosts and the like. What are they scared of? Because I don't understand surrendering to a woke cybermob. I especially don't understand surrendering the principles of academic freedom to the woke cybermob. For me, it would be a matter of personal pride and dignity. I'm just not going to do it. Why are our leaders such huge cowards?

At any rate, Mike Young (Wokal Distance) was the source of insight this week when he wrote: 

To put the strategy into simple terms: CSJ advocates are not trying to defeat you intellectually with evidence and arguments, they are trying to defeat you socially using power moves and social maneuvering. That sentence is worth reading again.

That's it. Read it again and again until you understand. We aren't making arguments anymore. Those days are over. We are trying to get our opponents to commit suicide.  That's the goal.

I really, really hate they got Mike Adams.

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