Thursday, June 17, 2021

Corporate-Pozzed Kids

It is June, and you can't get away from Big Gay. It is extremely Twilight-Zone strange that during June it is impossible to escape from corporate LGBTQIA+ messaging, and that a significant percentage of that messaging explicitly targets children. This screenshot is from Nickelodeon, for instance.

I tend to keep pretty far away from corporate messaging in general, but I'm especially conscious of doing so during June because I find the pride stuff so cringey and gross. I don't want to know about anyone's sexual proclivities, gay or straight, and it pushes my disgust button and that is a feeling I seek to avoid if possible. I don't want to know about someone's Wet Ass Pussy and I don't care to watch Satan receive a gay lap dance. I'd rather not have this imagery in my brain at all. I'd rather be left alone. 

But Big Gay is not going to leave anyone alone. I imagine if one watches cable television it is being pushed on pretty much everything, but that's not a problem for me because I do not watch television. It is probably pushed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth, but I have no social media. The articles I read are the ones I want to read, so in terms of what sexual messaging is entering my house, it's pretty clean. Then, yesterday, while shopping at Wal-Mart, the loudspeaker had a canned message about LGBTQIA+ pride messaging and how Wal-Mart was behind it 100%. So, even in rural Georgia, one can't escape this perverse messaging unless he or she unplugs and stays home for a solid month. It is everywhere. 

With regard to sex, restraint is a probably a winning strategy, and certainly, sex with one person in a committed relationship is probably the best idea, gay or straight, that is, if you want sex to be a net positive instead of a net negative. If you've had or seek to have a load of sex with a many different partners, if you continue to spin that revolver's cylinder, a live round will eventually come up; a negative outcome will eventually occur. Sexually transmitted diseases, of course, but also unwanted pregnancy, you get some girl clinging to you you can't get rid of her easily, some nutball chick does some nutballed shit, etc. Even so-called "casual" sex represents a serious entanglement with another person. Far from this retarded hedonism of Pride, the good life for the majority of people is probably going to be a life characterized by sexual self-control. 

Pride month explicitly grooms children into a culture of sexual hedonism that for many will guarantee a life of disease and destruction. Sex probably ought never be celebrated, and certainly sexual promiscuity ought never be paraded in public where children can see it. These ought to be the private bedroom choices of consenting adults. But the corporate LGBTQIA+ messaging is explicitly aimed at grooming children. Why? The corporate interests want this type of in-your-face sexual parading to grow. Why? I mean, aside from the obvious gays-can't-have-butt-babies, why should Wal-Mart and Volkswagen and Home Depot seek to encourage this? 

It is really fucked up how we tolerate the sexual grooming of children in the U.S. by a bunch of rainbowed weirdos. I've said in other posts how conservatives and just anyone who has a sense that we ought not be teaching kids a hedonistic sexual ethic ought to just let the leftists who love this shit go hog wild. These seem intent on turning their kids into permanent customers of the pharmaceutical industry as early as possible, and in the case of all trans stuff, sterilizing them and preventing their full development into and past puberty. And that's true, that is is straight-up Darwinism removing bad and mal-adaptive traits from the gene pool. Still, kids are innocent and don't deserve to be turned over carte blanche to these corporatized LGBTQIA+ weirdos. Some adult in the room ought to probably stand up for them. 

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