Sunday, June 6, 2021

Leadership Crisis: Defund The Police

Remember this time last year leftists issued the clarion call: Defund Police!

2020 was the most retarded year of my lifetime with the covid over-reaction, with everybody walking around in the summer heat masked up like a zombie, with people failing to understand just how small a virus actually is, and so forth, but in a year of stupid ideas and stupid people, defund the police may just have been the stupidest. They issued this call in response to one black man, criminal-saint George Floyd (Rest In Power) dying while being detained by the police. One dude. 

First of all, if the corporate media says jump, the people say how high? The media seized the opportunity to make President Trump look bad by sending the cities into rioting/looting frenzies. There is no reason I should even know the name George Floyd, but the media was gifted these wonderful optics of a black man with a knee on his neck, and they knew then that the sitting president takes the blame, and these monsters would stop at nothing to restore the neoliberal status quo.

(And as an aside: Trump saw all of that coming, and he did the only thing he could do in response: He campaigned his ass off. Live another 100 years, and you will never see a politician rally like Trump rallied during 2020. It was remarkable and exceptional. No one can't fault the man for a lack of effort. He wanted to win, and he almost beat the neoliberal establishment with sheer energy and will-power.)

Rest assured that not one of these neoliberals gives one fuck about blacks. Of course, they say they do. Talk is cheap, though, and one year later the fallout from the rioting and looting is being ignored almost completely by the maintream. You can barely find a peep about it in maintream media sources. It isn't in the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, not even Fox News is talking about the fallout from "Defund the Police!"

It is predictable, though, and weird, and stupid. The predictable part is when policing stops crime goes up. Duh. Blacks commit by far more violent crime than any other demographic: Whites commit murder at a rate of 3 per 100,000 year-in, year-out. Asians commit no murders at all, statistically. Blacks commit murder at around 30 per 100,000, which is ten times higher than whites. It goes down to 20-25 in tightly policed years, and right now it is up at a super-high 40 per 100,000. Defunding and demoralizing the police yields the predictable result of spiking crime in black neighborhoods. 100% predictable. 

So, to put it clearly: These leftists in city governments, in a knee-jerk reaction to the death of one black man, demonized and defunded police. This resulted in police quitting and retiring, and generally pulling back their policing efforts in the very neighborhoods that need policing the most. The resulted in a crime wave that has continued unabated ever since. Though their political rhetoric claimed to support blacks, they actually ended up killing them. If you were a straight-up Klansman who wanted to see blacks murder each other, you could scarcely draw up a better plan than that drawn up by these leftists. (I'd LOL for the irony as I am prone to do, but it ain't that fucking funny. It is criminal.) 

What has happened in the U.S. to make such obviously retarded ideas plausible? Is it the media and how most people believe it like the gospel? Is the the school system that has failed to teach critical thinking? 

Whatever the reason, it highlights why we need strong and smart leaders, and it highlights that we do not have them. This is a leadership crisis, because this is why we need leaders, people who pull us off the brink and save us from ourselves. Across the board, in every institution in the United States, leadership is failing to lead. Leadership is being led by Twitter woke mobs. Where does it end? 

As wokism takes over, say, airlines, planes are going to crash, so I'd say watch out for that. It's been a while since a colossal crash so we are due for one anyway. As it takes over medicine and medical schools, watch for people to die in a medical system that prioritizes "diversity, inclusion, and equity" over health. When wokism takes over, the host can no longer carry out its primary function. In life or death arenas, people will die. Look for more bodies to pile up as the dearth of leadership and wokism deliver a one-two punch to American institutions. Either that, or leaders will rise up and find some spine. 

I am, as always, a pessimist. 

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