Saturday, June 5, 2021

Me Psaki Psaki

Trump's presidency was interesting and unique if for no other reason than the rhetoric coming out of the White House was remarkably straightforward and uncoded. With Biden a certain normalcy was restored back to the coded language of neoliberalism, and Jenn Psaki is a master, an absolute master, of coded rhetoric and playing the rhetorical shell game. In the shell game, you can never find the meaning. She can speak words devoid of meaning better than anyone I have ever seen, and she does it with the robotic fuck-you sociopathy that can't be taught, that Psaki smirk. Imagine interviewing for this press secretary job:

He's okay, but he doesn't ooze the necessary fuck-you vibes. 

Yeah, you're right. What about this Psaki chick? 

Oh yeah, she gives me the absolute creeps, like she'd gas a room full of puppies. 

Yeah, she does have a certain evil-ness about her, doesn't she?

She white and straight though. If only she were a disabled black lesbian, dammit!  

But this post is about coded meaning. Every now and then, if you're paying attention and you know the context and you know how to decode, she says something true, something that is meaningful. When she does it, you can bet your pants it is 100% deliberate. She is that good. She'll say something coded, but true, just to send the shivers down your spine and to deliver a gentle wink-wink fuck-you, we're winning, you working-class breeders.  

At the last press conference, some sandbagged reporter asked Psaki: 

"Does the White House have any reaction to Facebook's decision to suspend President Trump for two years? Was this a reasonable consequence for what he said?"

And Psaki goes balls-deep into it, smirks to eleven (Italics added for emphasis): 

"Well, as always, it's a decision for the company to make, the platform to make, and clearly they've come out and made their decision. Our view continues to be though that every platform, whether it's Facebook, Twitter, any other platform, that is disseminating information to millions of Americans has a responsibility to crack-down on disinformation, to crack-down on false information whether it's about the election or even about the vaccine, as we are trying to keep the American public safe and get more people return to normal out in society. I think, as we look at it, we learned a lot from President Trump, the former president, over the last couple of years about his behavior and how he uses these platforms. It feels pretty unlikely that the zebra is going to change his stripes over the next two years. We'll see."

This is a glorious reveal by Psaki. She's saying Facebook and Twitter are playing ball, and they better keep on playing ball by censoring enemies, those who are off-narrative. "Disinformation" is anything off-narrative. It is a bald admission that Facebook and Twitter are colluding with the neoliberals to censor off-narrative speech. They are colluding with these big-tech social media companies. The coding isn't even all that strong, which is why it struck me. 

Here's a link to the full video: psaki psaki


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