Saturday, July 17, 2021

Favorite Things: Royal Oak Charcoal


When I get in the mood to burn my money, I exchange it for Royal Oak charcoal. Royal Oak imparts the charcoal-grilled flavor better than any other charcoal that I have used, including Kingsford. Often I'll cheap out with the store brand and I always regret it because the flavor won't be there, but I never buy Kingsford because it is always the most expensive brand, and it never performs as well as Royal Oak, which is usually slightly cheaper than Kingsford. Royal Oak lights easily and provides the best and most pronounced charcoal flavor to burgers, dogs, pork, chicken, whatever you throw at it.  If you don't much care for that charcoal flavor, (why are you using a charcoal grill? LOL.) go with the store brand or Kingsford.

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