Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Ought We Poz the Kids?

Western culture seems to be asking itself what I can only assume is an existential question: Ought we poz our kids?

The homosexuals say, enthusiastically, yes!

Dr. Fauci says, yes, and their breathing ought to be restricted with a mask while doing it. (Let's talk about Dr. Fauci for a second. How is this man walking free? How is he not jailed, much less being trotted out by Sleepy Joe?)

Doctors say we must affirm gender confusion in children no matter what. Doctors are saying, yes. They are saying yes to using drugs to block puberty in kids. 

Educators say, yes. 

Corporations say, yes. 

The question seems to have found an answer, a resounding yes! Poz them. Poz them all. 

Is anyone saying no?

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