Friday, July 16, 2021

Sexy Psaki Censorship

I called it back in June when Sexy Psaki was a touch more reserved about it. Yesterday, Sexy Red-Head Jenn Psaki just comes right out and says it, that the Biden regime colludes with social media to censor information that is off-narrative, off the official "vaccine" narrative in this case. I can promise you that it goes far, far deeper than this tip-of-the-iceberg. So here is a federal government working with a corporation to censor American citizens. Leftists brayed for five solid years about "fascism" during President's Trumps term, yet here we find corporate power wedded to government power out in the open to engage in censorship and the left supports it. This is bad. 

Censorship is always conducted to hide something, so the question is, what are they hiding about these so-called vaccines? As Brett Weinstein has phrased it, the data about them is noisy, and a troubling signal seems to be in there, a signal that will become clearer over time. Mostly likely, that signal is what they are hoping to hide and obfuscate. If correct, that means that sooner or later we are in for some interesting revelations.  

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