Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Vaccine Deaths Challenge

I propose a challenge, and it is quite straightforward: Find out how many people have died from the covid vaccines. 

That's it. Find that figure. I see no reason in the world why that figure shouldn't be up-to-date and accurate and easy to find. 

After all, if you google "covid deaths" you straight-up get a ticker that is up-to-the-second:

The data is right there, easy to find, easy to read. No problem. 

If, however, you google "covid vaccine deaths" you get a very different result:
You'll notice, right away, the tone shifts from an informational here-are-the-numbers to a "fact check" tone, and certainly, you can't find the actual number anywhere. Click all of the links on the first page, and they "fact check" but provide no number. The best number I can come up with is from the CDC itself that reports approximately 13,000 vaccine-related deaths. 

So, all I am asking here is why is the covid deaths number so easy to find and precise, while the vaccine deaths is muddied and hard-to-find and imprecise? Why should this be the case? We are really good at counting deaths from one thing but not the other thing? What's the explanation? 

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